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My Dreams Paragraph And Composition in English for Student


My Dreams Paragraph And Composition in English for Student
My Dream Paragraph


Paragraph 1:

Dream is a common phenomenon in human life. Everybody dreams and almost every night Some of those dreams are such that are easily remembered and can hardly be forgotten while some others go into oblivion. Whatever we dream at night or by day is not a fact.

The fact is that dreams are important not only for human life but also for the overall development of any nation. At present, the dream of Bangladesh, according to me, is to build Bangladesh as digital one. Bangladesh dreams that she will be able to establish herself as a digital Bangladesh within the year of 2021. Once Bangladesh dreamt that she would be able to get introduced herself as a free and sovereign country in the map of the world. That dream came true in 1971.

One time Bangladesh was separated into two parts namely the North and the South by the mighty river Jamuna. Later, the Jamuna Bridge (Bangabandhu Bridge) was constructed over the Jamuna. Now the bridge over the mighty Padma is about coming into materialization . Yes, think that the world has also a common dream. The present world is afflicted  with various problems such as poverty, terrorism and war. So, the world dreams that one day such kind of evils will be eliminated  and the world peace will be established forever.(150-200 words)

Paragraph 2:


My Dreams Paragraph And Composition in English for Student
My Dream Paragraph


Philosophers have been fascinated with dreams for thousands of years, but empirical research and scientific study on it has begun only in recent times, Dreams can be extraordinarily vivid or vague; it can be either joyful or frightening and also can be understandable or confusing.

Yet the researchers do not understand the purpose of dreams. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams suggests that dreams are a representation of unconscious desires, thoughts and motivations. According to Freud, when our aggressive and sexual instincts are not consciously expressed, they find their way into our awareness via dreams.

So dreams are disguised fulfillments of repressed wishes. Some researchers also think that dreams are not meaningless rather the cognitive elements in our brain produce new ideas during dreams. One theory suggests dreams to be the result of our brains trying to interpret external stimuli during sleep. Some theorists think dreams refresh the mind and according to some others, they function as a form of psychotherapy.

‘Dream’ has also other meanings. The great Romantic poet William Wordsworth regarded poets to be dreamers. Poets give voice to what we desire to achieve. They write about the dreams of lovers. men of action, patriots, social reformers and workers. The great leaders were also dreamers as they dreamt for human emancipation.(150-200 words)

Your paragraph should include the answer to the following questions:

  • How can dreams be?
  • What does Sigmund Freud say bout dream?
  • Why do we dream?
  • Are dreams meaningless?
  • What do the researchers think?
  • According to theorists, how can get benefit from dreams?




My Dream

My Dreams Composition in English for Student
My Dreams Composition in English for Student


Life on earth is full of activities. No man can live here without dream or ambition. Now the question arises What do I want to be? The answer is My dream is to be a teacher. I want to educate or give light to the people who would make this country a better one. Reasons for my choice are very clear. There was a time when I began to think over my own future, I thought I would be a rich or well-to-do  person.

I had a mind to be a scientist or doctor or an engineer. Thereafter, I carefully thought over the matter and lastly decided to be a teacher. Because, I like the life of learning and scholarship. I always think for the people, the society and the nation as a whole. I know education is light and knowledge is power. Hence, people should be enlightened through education. Ignorance is similar to darkness.

No society can make progress without education. Illiteracy is a curse. A teacher can play a vital role on the way of removing illiteracy and making people aware and conscious of the curse of illiteracy. A teacher is the most honorable person in any society, To be a teacher I need to be a highly educated man.

I must prepare myself first. I must have degrees. First of all. I should be a graduate and should have training on teaching, I have every reason to believe that this profession of teaching will suit my taste and temperament. And I am sure that I will shine in my life by taking to teaching. (200-250 words)


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