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Arsenic Pollution Paragraph and Composition in English for Student

Arsenic pollution

Arsenic pollution
Arsenic Pollution Paragraph

Paragraph 1:

Arsenic pollution is one of the severe problems of Bangladesh. Arsenic is a very poisonous white compound of element. Arsenic polluted water causes death. This toxic element is found in tubewell water. The people of the affected areas suffer from serious skin disease.

The people of North Bengal are the worst sufferers of arsenic pollution.
People are affected by it only when they drink it. But washing
hands, clothes and bathing in this water are not injurious.
An arsenic affected man loses his stamina  to work, and the
skin of his palm, legs and back become sore which leads to skin cancer. Arsenic is a silent killer of man.

Arsenic pollution spreads in paddy, rice, wheat, vegetables and medicine. So necessary steps should be taken to eradicate  this problem. All the tubewells must be examined by DPHE and if arsenic is found, drinking of water from that tube well must be stopped. It should be marked with red cross.

Unsafe tubewell
Unsafe Tubewell Sign

We can drink pure rain water. We can make the water of river and pond drinkable by using filter. We can also purify arsenic contaminated in a chemical process. We along with the government should try to save ourselves from the growing menace of arsenic.(150-200 words)

Your paragraph should include the answer to the following questions.

  • What is arsenic?
  • Where is it found?
  • What is the source of arsenic?
  • What does it cause in human body?
  • What are its effects?
  • How do people get affected by arsenic?
  • How can we get rid of it?
  • How can the problem be solved?

Paragraph 2:

Arsenic pollution

Water is an important element of the environment. Man cannot live without it. So, its another name is life. But polluted water is very dangerous for us. At present arsenic contamination in drinking water is one of the server problems of Bangladesh.

In chemistry arsenic is referred to as a violently poisonous white compound of brittle element. Arsenic in ground water is present in excess of the safe limit set for Bangladesh. It is now established that arsenic can cause serious health hazard. The rural people of Bangladesh are mostly dependent on hand tube-wells for drinking water. The ground water was, in the past, considered to be a source of safe drinking water.

Unfortunately, it is now polluted by arsenic. Until 1970s in areas where the drinking water supply contains unsafe levels of arsenic, the immediate concern is finding safe source of drinking water. There are two main options; finding a new safe source, and arsenic removing arsenic from the contaminated source.

In either case, the drinking water supplied must be free from harmful levels of arsenic, but also from bacteriological contamination, and other chemical contaminants. So all of us should come forward to solve the problem of arsenic.(150-200 words)


  • chemistry reference to arsenic
  • where arsenic is present
  • causes serious health hazard
  • dependence of the rural people for drinking water
  • two main options in finding a new source of water



Paragraph 3:

Arsenic pollution

In our day to day life we are experiencing new kind of problem. Our environment is facing new pollution. Arsenic pollution is one of them. It is one of the big problems of our country. Arsenic pollution is causing much harm to human life. It is found in water especially in tube well water.

By drinking this water people are suffering a lot. It causes sore in the fingers or in any other part of the body. By drinking water polluted by arsenic people gel diseased in various ways. Some times the sore turns into gangrene and then to cancer.

So arsenic pollution is a great threat to human life. At present there is no medical treatment or medicine that can prevent arsenic pollution. The bad effect of arsenic can not be described in words. It is a poison. If it gets mixed in our body this or that way. we are sure to suffer in life.

So we should take utmost care and guard against this poison. We should find out the remedy to this problem.(100-15o words)



Arsenic pollution

In our day to day life we are experiencing new kind of problem. Our environment is facing new type of pollution. Arsenic pollution is one of them. When the presence of arsenic in water is higher than the acceptable quantity, it is called arsenic. It is one of the biggest problems in Bangladesh. Arsenic pollution is causing much harm to Bangladesh. The number of arsenic affected people is increasing day by day.

Arsenic was first detected in Bangladesh in 1984. During that period about 2500 shallow tube-wells were tested in 34 districts but of which each and every tube-well was detected arsenic polluted. Another-survey conducted jointly by the DPHL (Department of Public Health Engineering) and British Geological Survey 2000 showed that more that 90% of the shallow tube-wells in the most seriously arsenic polluted areas produced contaminated water exceeding .05 mg/l of arsenic. It also marked that the most affected area in Bangladesh is North Bengal.

Thousands of people in Bangladesh are suffering from arsenic poisonings and more are being allected every day. Poison by arsenic is a slow process. It is due to a gradual build-up of the poison in the human body.

Eventually people start to show symptoms and become unwell. It causes sore in the fingers or in any other part of the body. Sometimes the sore turns into gangrene and then to cancer. It also affects different parts of the human body like liver, kidney, heart, stomach, skin etc. Arsenic poisoning also causes irritation and serious burning of skins, hair falling, cough etc.


At present there is no medical treatment or medicine that can prevent any disease caused by arsenicosis. Since there is no effective cure, preventive measures should be taken properly. Arsenic contamination can be mitigated to a large extent if the following preventive measures are adopted.

Creating public awareness:

  •  The people are to be made conscious of the harmful effect of the arsenic poisoning.
  • They are to give knowledge of the symptoms of arsenic contamination and places where they can get proper treatment.


Regular surveying: In order to have the clear conception regarding arsenic pollution, regular survey should be done althrough the country. All the tube-wells should be tested to separate the safe from the unsafe. Safe tubewells should be painted green and unsafe ones should be painted red.

Safe Tubewell Sign photo
Safe Tubewell Sign

In order to ensure the supply of pure drinking water, more deep tubewells should be installed because deep tubewells are free from arsenic and bacterias. But they will also have to be tested in the future to ensure that it is still the case. Surface water in ponds and rivers is a potential source of arsenic-free water. But most surface water in our country is heavily polluted with dangerous bacteria.

So, no surface water should be used without some form of treatment. Rain water should be collected for drinking in a bacteria free container. Water need not to be boiled to remove arsenic because boiling does not remove arsenic. Heathy balanced diet containing fish and vegetables should be taken. Food containing vitamin A, C and E should be taken.


It is high time we found out the cause of arsenic pollution and put our all out efforts to fight this public-hazard before it takes a serious turn.(450-500 words)


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