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A Good Teacher Paragraph and Composition in English for Student

A Good Teacher

A Good Teacher Paragraph and Composition in English for Student
A Good Teacher Paragraph


Paragraph 1:

A teacher is one who proves herself/himself very much useful and ideal to the students. Actually a good teacher possesses a number of good qualities. She/he is a person of great learning. She/he appears before the students as a great personality with immense knowledge in various subjects of interest . Students usually take her/him with great respect and confidence.

As she/he builds up the career of the young generation, she/he must be very much loving to them. A good teacher is always curious about the students. She/he finds out the creative sides of the students and stirs their potentialities. She/he never likes passive students in the classroom.

She/he always tries to stimulate students so that they contribute to the development of the class activities. By making them competent and happy with their lessons a good teacher makes them confident of their worth. She/he wants to make her/his students skilled in practical application of the lessons.

She/he undergoes various academic and administrative training courses and equips herself/ himself with necessary resources and efficiencies. A good teacher is an asset to the society. She/he plays the most important role to build the nation. So a good teacher should be duly honored and properly placed in the society. (150-200 words)

Your paragraph should include the answer to the following questions:


  • When is a teacher regarded as a good teacher?
  • How does a good teacher approach students?
  • What does a good teacher do in the classroom?
  • How does a teacher become a good skilled teacher?
  • What does a good teacher do for the society in How is a good teacher honored in the society?


Paragraph 2:

My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher Paragraph and Composition in English for Student
My Favorite Teacher Paragraph


Mr. K. Rahman is my most favorite teacher. He teaches us English. He has a unique quality to teach English. He presents his lesson in the class in a fantastic way that attracts all students. His nice pronunciation and art of speaking make the students spell-bound to give full attention to his lecture.

But he is very easy and lucid in his expression. He is quite active in the classroom with his movements and sayings. He gives us many valuable suggestions. Students always become active participants of his class. He usually shares his own ideas and views with the students through instructions and interrogations.

He has an extraordinary ability to explore the potentials of students. He never discourages his students by attacking them on any ground. It is his most uncommon quality that students praise significantly. He is always regular and punctual in his classes. He makes his lessons very easy and interesting.

With an extra-ordinary depth of knowledge in his subject he is an excellent teacher. He is honest, sincere and responsible and with all his good qualities he has become a great personality in our college. In fact, his greatness has created a sense of inspiration to me. Now I often dream to be a teacher in future like him. Truly I like my teacher so much. (150-200 words)

Your paragraph should include the answer to the following questions:

  • Who is your favorite teacher?
  • Which subject does he teach?
  • How does he teach?
  • What is the speciality about his teaching?
  • How does he treat students?
  • Why do you like him?
  • Do you want to be teacher like him?



A Good Teacher

A Good Teacher Paragraph and Composition in English for Student
A Good Teacher Composition


A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge to his/her students. Again, a teacher in possession of sound knowledge on his/her subject having the qualities of punctuality f), honesty. sympathy etc. is termed as a good teacher. A teacher is similarly termed as an architect of a nation.

His/her first and foremost duty and responsibility is to mould up his/her students. He/she acts as a friend, guide and philosopher of his/her students. A teachers area of responsibility is not confined to academic aspect only his/her area of responsibility is much more wide. He/she tries to make his/her students ideal citizens of the country.

A teacher is believed to give light to the nation. If the people are deprived of education, the entire nation is Supposed to be in the darkness of ignorance. So the importance of a teacher can hardly be expressed in language. He/she holds a noble profession and deals with such an important aspect of life which called the backbone of a nation. He/she teaches the students the entire code of life. Their social service, their religious aspects etc. are included in it .


A teacher renders his/her utmost service to the nation, but it is a matter of great regret that, the overall condition of a teacher is not good at all. He/she  is not go is not evaluated  in comparison  with his/her contribution to society. He/she is  financially and socially in a deplorable condition. (200-250 words)


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